Culinary Canvas logo
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Culinary Canvas celebrates the creativity of culinary and beverage professionals around the world. High-end editorial content with vibrant and eye-catching photography.

Culinary Canvas visual identity

A modern brand, with lots of space for creativity. The lower stripe in the mark represents the shelf of an easel; the space between the shelf and the C symbolises the blank canvas. The logotype is made with the Sofia Pro type and sports all capital letters with a wide letter-spacing.

Culinary Canvas

The imagery is the star content of Culinary Canvas. Emphasis on the layout is therefore to give the photos room to shine. This is coupled with type faces that are picked to give a modern feel, while also offering diversity enough to create expressive article layouts.

Culinary Canvas web site

Culinary Canvas runs in the cloud. This allows the site to scale without worrying about hardware capacity and limitations, but instead leverage the awesome computing power offered by the dragons of the tech industry.

The content, the articles, are created with our own custom made CMS. It's tailor made to fit the current needs while giving us the full control to adjust and tinker it to future needs.

Culinary Canvas web site
Culinary Canvas

Visit the Culinary Canvas website at to see it in action.

Contact me if you're interested in learning more about the stack and the technical solution.